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21 September 2018

About Us

by reece

Jake and Reece both live in Melbourne, Australia. If you’ve ever had the joy of visiting, I hope you enjoyed it, if not, you should come down. The coffee is good, the weather (when it’s not winter) is warm, and the beer is cold.

In terms of setup:

We both use VMWare Player running Kali Linux. Jake (temporarily) uses the 32-bit version that came with VMWare Tools pre-installed in such a way that he can’t copy pasta. Reece uses the 64 bit version which has copy-paste working (yay!) but seems to lack a bunch of stuff Jake’s has.

In terms of streaming Reece shares his desktop to Jake using a probably dodgy chrome extension (but at 1080p). Jake has that open in fullscreen on one monitor and his VM on the other then uses hotkeys to switch between scenes in OBS for each monitor and streams everything to twitch. Reece uses a Rode NT-USB, Jake uses some random mic that Reece gave him, and it all somehow works.


Our YouTube - We throw recorded versions of our streams up here. Probably some other stuff at some point too.

Our Twitch - We stream on Tuesday’s 8pm AEST (that’s Australian Eastern Nobody-Is-Awake Time)

Our Twitter - We will try to be more active here about what we are up to.